Monday, March 29, 2010

Self-Publishing Updates.

Well Ka-Blam got back to me on the 23rd of March. I guess twenty days isn't too unreasonable to wait for a reponse. They informed me that my PDF proof was ready and waiting for my approval. Once I approved the final cuts, I went back to my email that the staff at Ka-Blam sent me about my order and clicked the PayPal link to pay. Pretty Painless overall. The wait was more intense due to my excitement and desire for a prompt response. So officially my book began print on the 25th. So we shall check back to see how long they take on the turnaround of my product.

And on to Comixpress. I was contacted today, March 29th; by a prepress team member who was very professional, helpful, and informative. Once I resized my files that I was informed were too large, I was emailed within 10 minutes that my files were now correct. Then after another fifteen minutes my PDF proof was ready. Quick and Painless again. I enjoyed the friendliness and willingness to help shown by both Ka-Blam and Comixpress. We shall see what the end result is in thirty days or so. I will report back with you on the quality and care of each companies various print work. Stay tuned...

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