Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Life, Irony, Fate, Possibilities, and Will.

Don't know what it is about going to the bathroom for me but I get my best ideas during and after a bathroom break. Kind of a pause and a release from the everyday strain and pressures. I was pondering the pure rarity of my situation and wondering why it is inevitably 'my' situation. I am the only member of our household who has a car currently. My father-in-law's vehicle has been out of commission for around three months now. He needs an entirely new engine. My wife's car went kaput last Saturday on us. She needs a clutch. So us three adults be sharing one sole camaro that is 15 years young. Bruce is what I call her. She's a manly mans car. Vroom- vroom.

I see the people stare as my wheels go round. Life is better. I feel relaxed. Almost enough so to cop a squat and type a few cherished words to my loyal followers on google. Life is a struggle but getting "there" or moving towards ones goal is really what the meaning of life or existence is. Once one 'gets there' or 'arrives'...isn't the victory hence bittersweet? I enjoy lifting large amounts of weight on my shoulders knowing that when the demand for such strength arises I am well prepared and well equipped.