Thursday, October 20, 2011

Death-Civic Arts-Religion-Faith-God & Love.

God-Faith-Wellness-Civic duties: these are all things we don't talk about enough, as human beings. What we usually talk about is school, work, family, food, and celebrity news. Don't get me wrong, the majority of these things are important to me; especially family, but there are other concerns I secretly dwell upon that I keep private. For instance I often wonder about my own death; with the increase in my age as the decades seem to roll by faster- I ponder the inevitable climax to my life. I wonder if my wife and children will be loved and looked after. I have no real family to help in the event of my death, and her family is older and sickly. I wonder about my children, what will become of them. I worry about these things because I realize life is fragile, and with poor health, our time on earth can seem 'borrowed'. I've made peace with a lot of my demons, but there are still other areas of my life I wish to improve upon. I want change where change can be made. I want happiness when happiness is obtainable.

I hear a lot of 'self help' and 'positive thinking' advice, and I usually can take it with a grain of salt: take in what can help me; then spit out what is merely gristle and filler. I'm looking for the core of the problem so as to find a solution not a quick fix. That's where I want to focus my efforts: the root of the problem. Sometimes the root of the problem/or foundation is our family, a close acquaintance, a work mate, or a loved one. Often it is someone close to us that has a direct impact on our life and our outcome, and is often the direct cause of our dilemma. What do you do then?

-Roll with the punches.
-Swallow your pride.
-Buck up.
-Man up...

That's the world's advice.

Here's my advice:

"Persevere in Prayer".
Start every day in prayer.
Focus on spiritual pursuits and concerns helps to lift my spirits.
Give to others.

When I'm feeling down, I bow my head and pray. Prayer before bedtime with my family really adds a sense of closure to my day....endure and persevere through prayer.

"Thank You Lord for Your strength. For allowing me to make it through another day of life in this tiresome system we  live in. Thank You for allowing my family,my immediate and distant relatives and all of mankind to survive another day of life. Watch over us always, bless us and keep us safe in Your loving arms. In Jesus' name, Amen."

God Bless you all
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Friday, October 7, 2011

Cause for Complaint?

Sometimes. Just sometimes we think a little more of ourselves than we ought to. Why shouldn't you simplify and downsize. Hell I wish I could live with my parents, hell I wish I was 26 again! Step back take a hard look at yourself and rise above. Money and a job are a means to an end. That is all. Stay busy and stay focused. Just because you are not able to find work in the economy don't become 'idle'. Go back to school, work from home, start a small entrepreneurial business. Sell everything you have- borrow what you can- and move to a more stable state with a better unemployment rate. America is a wonderful country and some of us are forgetting the Pioneers of this country. They lived on soup stock and potatoes and chopped wood, ran farms, work the ground. Give back to the environment in your down time. Do community work. Most of all stay busy even if you aren't getting a dollar to do so. Emigrate to Canada or Europe they 'encourage' it! (they'll pay you to move). Think of our founding fathers, many of them living in France, and London and back and forth from the U.S. for years. That's why they were so great. Travel educates you and opens your eyes to new ways of doing things, and informs you that there is always other options. Travel, stay busy, and stay focused. It's not easy by no means. Took me 3yrs to rise up! Now I'm working as a pt tutor at an elementary school (15 hrs a week $8 an hour) and going to college and raising my family. My spouse is fortunate enough to have a full time job making a little more than me an hour. We scrap and struggle and fall....still do... almost weekly. But STAY POSITIVE> America has been through way worse. We can never quit. And don't turn into bitter anti-obama/anti-americans yes if you are anti-president you are anti-american. Let him finish his term or impeach him but QUIT Bitching about it. One more year then do something about it in the polls and quit dogging on The American President. TRUE Monotheistic spiritually minded individuals don't run from love.... Love of country and Love of God.