Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Life, Irony, Fate, Possibilities, and Will.

Don't know what it is about going to the bathroom for me but I get my best ideas during and after a bathroom break. Kind of a pause and a release from the everyday strain and pressures. I was pondering the pure rarity of my situation and wondering why it is inevitably 'my' situation. I am the only member of our household who has a car currently. My father-in-law's vehicle has been out of commission for around three months now. He needs an entirely new engine. My wife's car went kaput last Saturday on us. She needs a clutch. So us three adults be sharing one sole camaro that is 15 years young. Bruce is what I call her. She's a manly mans car. Vroom- vroom.

I see the people stare as my wheels go round. Life is better. I feel relaxed. Almost enough so to cop a squat and type a few cherished words to my loyal followers on google. Life is a struggle but getting "there" or moving towards ones goal is really what the meaning of life or existence is. Once one 'gets there' or 'arrives'...isn't the victory hence bittersweet? I enjoy lifting large amounts of weight on my shoulders knowing that when the demand for such strength arises I am well prepared and well equipped.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Been awhile...

Long time no post from me. I have been enjoying my life and time on this earth with my family. I really enjoy being a father and a husband. I spend my free time either online or drawing. I use facebook a lot to keep in touch with long distance friends. I use messenger to communicate with my two sons who live out of state 500 miles away. ( I miss them terribly.) I listen to podcasts about drawing comic books. And I go for a 2-4 mile walk a day. I have enjoyed my time here in Tennessee. It is alot different than Detroit MI. A lot more greenery and mountains. It is quite majestic. I love driving down the road and seeing horses, cows, donkeys, and goats. Life thrives here in the south. People are pretty friendly here and the town I live in is very clean and well maintained.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Independent Comics

I am sitting at Diamond House Chinese buffet waiting for them to open. They have fairly delicious food, I love ethnic foods other than American. Anyway on to comics, I haven't read any new comics lately. However a couple of months ago I had the pleasure of reading 'Comic Fan' # 4, printed by Main Enterprises. 'Comic Fan' is an awesome fan magazine with great page layout and high quality paper stock. A fine representation of the Independent Press. I'd do a search on and find their store to order from.
I have been submerging myself in all things 'small press'. Comics are just a lot more fun in the land of the 'Indies'. I have been lackluster for Dc and Marvel as of late. I still love the Batman and X-men, but I haven't been spending my money or time on their books lately. The change over to Small Press is very refreshing for me...and quite frankly it has been liberating! I am excited about the invent and printing of a new book releasing this summer from Fanatic Press called 'Comics Cafe'. They are doing Free Reviews of any who sends in their comic.
I have also been enjoying a talkshow on by Dan Burke entitled 'Independent Comics Cafe'. The call ID is 48818. It has been a very encouraging and upbuilding experience that I enjoy listening to. As an aspiring comic book artist it can be frustrating not being able to get your work out there for the public to see. His show is very encouraging and it has been a great pick me up. I like listening to his Podcasts while I draw.
If you don't know much about comic books or small press I highly recommend learning all you can about the movement. Independents made their mark in the 70's and they are back with a vengeance!

Give it a listen:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Apartment Fire

I recently had an incident at my apartment complex. A vacant apartment beside mine caught fire on the 17th of this month. Apparently there were some squatters that had access to a key for the empty unit. They were using the electric stove to heat the apartment. Needless to say; due to cheap wiring, it caused a huge kitchen fire. Their kitchen was directly behind my kitchen wall and it burned through my wiring and all the studs in between the wall separating our apartments. Boy has this made me re-examine my life and my priorities! God works in mysterious ways. I'm staying with my wife and daughter down south until my apartment gets fixed. Heck I'll probably just end up moving down here w/my family. I miss my friends up north and my job but I can always start over fresh. On the bright side I am now spending every second w/my precious baby girl!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jackie Moon!!!

Love me sexy!!! You guys gotta go rent 'Semi-Pro'!! It is very funny I think, and Will Ferrell actually sings at the beginning!!!! It's hilarious. It is going to be freezing cold tonight. It is going down to -3 below tonight!!! CUDDLE ALERT!

I've been watching alot of movies. 'Eagle Eye' sucked really really bad. 'Hancock' was great IMO!! I'm waiting to see 'Pineapple Express' & 'Step Brothers' maybe this weekend!! Until then take care guys!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 is already starting off with a BANG!!!

I always have liked the month of January. It's like a do-over or a fresh pair of underwear. A new chance at a new age. I don't make new years resolutions but I do have goals set for the years to come. My main goal is to work and work and work on sequential storytelling with my pencil. I never realized how hard panel to panel art could be. I have a few pages already mapped out in thumbnails and I look forward to improving my technique. I want to tell a proper story with my art. On another note I'm hoping to see my daughter this month. I might have to go to where she is because the wife isn't able to travel right now. I'll keep you posted. God Bless you and continue to strive to be a better person in the years to come! Take care of you and your loved ones. After all Family is the MOST important asset of all.