Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My first attempt at Self Publishing.

Well I've completed a story that is properly finished and formatted and ready for print. In order for an individual to print their own book a printer is a valuable commodity. My search for a printer was quite easy for I have been researching print on demand for the past couple of years. Ironically the first printer I ran across on my online search was Heroes Press. Ironic because they were also the first to contact me within 24hrs. Actually I was contacted in less than 12 hours by Terry Huddleston the owner and founder of Heroes Press. He is very friendly and very personable. With a 21 day turnaround and fairly reasonable pricing you can't beat it. His books are printed using high quality paper with a high quality gloss and feel. To be fair I also submitted my story to two other print on demand companies. One of them being Ka-Blam. As far as pricing goes they came out to be the cheapest. However my order is still pending and it has been 6 days now with no reply or email. My other option was Comixpress. I have not heard back from them yet either but to be fair it has only been 24hrs. Stay tuned for more updates to see how each company handles the printing of my book and which book comes out the best. I will be comparing all three versions of each company's finished product and the end result.

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