Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Independent Comics

I am sitting at Diamond House Chinese buffet waiting for them to open. They have fairly delicious food, I love ethnic foods other than American. Anyway on to comics, I haven't read any new comics lately. However a couple of months ago I had the pleasure of reading 'Comic Fan' # 4, printed by Main Enterprises. 'Comic Fan' is an awesome fan magazine with great page layout and high quality paper stock. A fine representation of the Independent Press. I'd do a search on ecrater.com and find their store to order from.
I have been submerging myself in all things 'small press'. Comics are just a lot more fun in the land of the 'Indies'. I have been lackluster for Dc and Marvel as of late. I still love the Batman and X-men, but I haven't been spending my money or time on their books lately. The change over to Small Press is very refreshing for me...and quite frankly it has been liberating! I am excited about the invent and printing of a new book releasing this summer from Fanatic Press called 'Comics Cafe'. They are doing Free Reviews of any who sends in their comic.
I have also been enjoying a talkshow on Talkshoe.com by Dan Burke entitled 'Independent Comics Cafe'. The call ID is 48818. It has been a very encouraging and upbuilding experience that I enjoy listening to. As an aspiring comic book artist it can be frustrating not being able to get your work out there for the public to see. His show is very encouraging and it has been a great pick me up. I like listening to his Podcasts while I draw.
If you don't know much about comic books or small press I highly recommend learning all you can about the movement. Independents made their mark in the 70's and they are back with a vengeance!

Give it a listen:

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