Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Homeless but not without a 'home'

Yesterday marks the one-month anniversary of sleeping in my car. Sleeping in my 1995 Camaro isn't as bad as I had anticipated. Fortunately I have lots of pillows and blankets to provide ample comfort. The main problem I've had is police. I have been approached a few times but my license is valid and up to date. I have had a few friends let me stay in their house for a few days at a time and I am very grateful. I've learned a lot about nomadic life and surviving the elements. BUG SPRAY is a must in Michigan; let me tell you, and sun-screen. The first few days outside the temperature was in the upper eighties, and I managed to get a nice little sunburn. Spending time admiring nature has been the biggest positive result of my living situation. I walk downtown all day between meals and stop occasionally at the library to cool off and/or draw. I have a new outlook on homelessness in America. It is very interesting to meet those who are homeless; during my mealtime at the shelter. Washtenaw county has a nice shelter which has provided me lunch and dinner Monday through Friday.

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