Saturday, January 15, 2011


I am definitely starting to realize the importance of digitally rendered pages when it comes to creating professional comic books. The final result of a book that has been digitally embellished is much more appealing to the eye. I notice that it also provides a smoother transition for the story to go from the eye to the mind. I am learning a lot of technical terms and what steps to follow when using a digital program to draw. I have also  been watching vlog tutorials on how to draw digitally.
An Awesome tutorial on how to create a good pencil brush in photoshop.
I was shopping around online and I have found that the Wacom Bamboo tablet is the most favorable in my price range. I am also looking forward to starting school this semester for the spring of 2011. A lot of gears are turning and  ideas are being set into motion. Pages are being thumbnailed, sketched, and even a few trials and errors of hand inking have been accomplished while I anxiously await purchasing my tablet so that I can convert myself solely to digital inking. I hate inking with a brush and have found pens aren't much more tolerable.
Good things are in store. I have joined forces with the United Fanzine Organization, click here to learn more. I was honored to be accepted as a member and I am working on a drawing tutorial one page strip for submission to the next group zine. It's gonna be an awesome year guys. Hope all is well for you in your art laboratory!! Keep that pencil in your hand and never stop. Until next time, Have fun creating!

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